We're pretty certain you remember TJ Black from the hook of Sketch's 'Jo Lady'. And he is here again! With a new single titled Mulatto. 'Mulatto' is TJ Black's debut single. The track is a fusion of dancehall and Afro-pop genres and it is produced by Kayfresh Beats; one of the most creative producers of our generation. Mulatto is a feel good song for the ladies ready to party! ;) Its a fun song. Anybody can play this song and enjoy it.. The term "Mulatto" is a slang used to refer to an interracial child.

Follow TJBlack on Twitter - @Tjblack_

Download Here And Share! ---- http://www.hulkshare.com/r5640h4hfj7k

Weekly Roundup!

T.G.I.F Readers! ^_^
Here's news you may have missed this week:
  • 'TOYIN' video taken off YouTube, confiscated by DJ Caise, due to copyright claims.

  • MayD splits from Square Records - "May D was let go, not sacked"-P.Square.

  • MayD videos get taken off YouTube, after split by Square Records, affirming rumors if split.

  • SaveDebbie - Debbie, an advanced breast cancer victim, was reached out to by celebrities and members of the general public. 

  • Internet Fraud [Facebook Murder] : Victims of Cynthia Udoka Osokogu's murderers speak up.

  • Senate slams down CBN proposal for the N5000 note, puts it on hold.

  • LUTH catches fire?  Tragic, if true. May God watch over them.

  • The full moon 30-08-12, with a rainbow around it. Unusual..and awesome. 

  • El Clasico :  Real Madrid  takes the lead over Barcelona [2-1]

  • It was Micheal Jackson's birthday this week: 29-08-2012. RIP, Micheal!

So that's it here, readers! Have an awesome weekend and month ahead! Bless You All.

JB And Selena Moving In Together?

Our favorite teen couple's in the news again! Are Justin Bieber and his longtime love Selena Gomez making an official "move" when it comes to their relationship by moving in together? Well, if moving vans seen outside of Gomez's pad  are any indication, that could very well be the case. 

Hope their romance lasts ^__^

Rob Kadarshian Denies Romance Rumors.

It's not a Kadarshian if it's not news-worthy!

Unusually, however, it's the male Kardashian making headline news.

Rob Kardashian and Rihanna got the romance rumor mill spinning earlier this week after they were spotted go-karting and clubbing in Los Angeles.

Since he had already been linked to Roc Nation's Rita Ora, Rob had many fans wondering if he was double-dipping in the record label's roster of hot singers.

But, Kardashian is clearing the air about all those RiRi romance rumors, saying, "It was just me and a bunch of girls [at the go-kart place]. It's because Rihanna's a friend, and she is friends with my friend Capricorn, and it was Cap's birthday. We all went out to celebrate our friend's birthday. It was fun. It was a good night."

While he was pretty insistent that there was no romance brewing with the Talk That Talk singer, he was a bit more coy about his feelings for Ora.

They made headlines earlier this month when they got presumably of each other's names on their knuckles. Rob didn't actually deny their relationship, only sharing, "Rita is in the U.K. I'm just a fan. That's all. I'm a big fan. She does have tattoos."

When asked how he knows about her tats, he teased, "I'm a fan."

In July, Rita said, "It's not really a relationship. It's not that intense. He's a cool guy. We're close. We're good friends. I got his back and he's got mine.

Youtube videos making waves

Just in! These videos with the hashtag #howsheleftmybrother making waves on Youtube.
An experimental short-form sitcom about a webcam, siblings, high heels, hidden cameras - and getting rid of your older brother's obnoxious girlfriend. 

Cast- Ivie Okujaye
, Chris Attoh
, Eku Edewor
, OC Ukeje
, Vanessa Kanu
, Victor Godfrey

Written and Directed by Victor Sanchez Aghahowa

Produced by TatafoHQ and The WongFaeHong Prod. Co.

Too hilarious yo!
You can check the trailers and episodes out here!

The first trailer

The second trailer

The first episode

The second episode

For your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Kim And Kanye Getting Married?

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star posted a picture of her wearing what appears to be an elegant wedding gown on Twitter, accompanied with the comment: "Late night fitting #pucci'."
Does this mean that rapper and G.O.O.D Music Boss Kanye West & Kim Kardashian (or KimYe, as they are fondly known as) will take a walk down the aisle?...being Kim's third try at marriage, and her divorce from basketball ace, Kris Humphries, barely finalized? 
A source said : "Kim and Kanye are serious – they want to get married as soon as possible.
“But Kim figures that if Kris is going to drag their divorce on for as long as possible, then she’ll put her wedding plans on hold and concentrate on starting a family with Kanye first.”
They continued: "The truth is that Kim, 31, and Kanye, 35, have known each other for a long time and first met over ten years ago, so it’s not a rush decision for her at all.
“She thinks Kanye has everything; he’s incredibly rich, talented and good-looking. She knows her baby will be taken care of and loves the idea that they would be first-time parents together.”
The insider added: "Kim can’t help but think how a baby could cement her and Kanye’s brand. But most of all it would mean she had a family, finally after all her heartbreak over the last year.”

We wish them all the best!

Amber Rose Preggers!

The model and her rapper fiance Wiz Khalifa are thought to be expecting their first child in January 2013 and Amber wants to move up their wedding date to October to avoid getting married when she is heavily pregnant.

Rapper Wiz proposed to Kanye West's former girlfriend earlier this year and although the pregnancy was a surprise, the pair are said to be thrilled about the baby and are already making a number of lifestyle changes to prepare.

A source said: "Amber unexpectedly got pregnant, but they're really happy to be starting a family together".

"Amber's already had to make some big lifestyle changes, like not smoking cigarettes anymore. As a model she's used to having a thin waist, so this is going to be an adjustment for her."

Speaking about the proposal previously, Wiz revealed he showed Amber the "real" him when he popped the question.

...We hope this turns out well.


Rihanna plants one one on Rita Ora's cheek. Mwahh!

Light - Ms. Koya [MNTG]

They say love is blind.

That seeming cliché defines my very existence .
I was born blind...and I'm knee-deep in love.

I can hear the warmth in your voice.
I can almost see the love oozing out of you.

I don't know what you look like but I know you're handsome, the highs and lows in the planes of your body like that of an Adonis, the aristocratic features of your face like that of a Grecian god.
I feel the strength in your voice, that strength that I am beyond certain will see us through the storms.
I feel the excitement, hear the grins and animation in your voice as we talk. That humour will see us through trying times.
I feel your warmth, when you hold me close, our heartbeats as one, and you tell me you love me. That warmth that will see me through many cold nights.
I hear the vehemence, the fierceness, the belief in your voice as you defend me in my time of need. That faith will conquer all.
I taste the love on your tongue as we share beautiful kisses day after day, as you reassure me of your presence, as we culminate our bond. Such love hath no greater man.

You have the wisdom of Solomon, the faith of Abraham, the meekness of David, the loyalty of Jonathan, the determination of Moses, the leadership and assertiveness of Noah, and above all, the compassion, love and selflessness of Jesus Christ.

The hard days come, but trying and trusting you has been my best challenge.
You are my rock, my pillar, my defence...my everything.

I'm not completely clear on what the future holds.
But I don't need to physically see.
For love is God. His word brings light, and understanding. Understanding is love.

God is love, God is light.
You, my love, are my sight.

-Ms. Koya

Lapse - Ms. Koya [MNTG]

What she had felt for him was indescribable, incredulous, unfathomable even.
Love that surpassed what Romeo had for Juliet...what Ceasar had for Cleopatra...and even more.
She had been enamoured by him ever since they met, her stomach doing multiple back flips, her insides churning like butter.
She saw the heavens in his eyes, and the clouds at his feet.
He could do no wrong in her sight, he was perfection.

But alas, she deserved no respect in his sight. He treated her with disregard and disdain, fending off her not-so-subtle advances.

It was love at first sight for her.
It was love at no sight for him.

He didn't want to see her; she wanted to breathe him, all of him into her very soul, absorb him into the core of her existence, ingurgitate him into every fiber of her being.

She could kill to have him, lay down her very life for him. He couldn't take it anymore.

One day, he took a long lingering look at her; a look of almost pity in his eyes, freezing over to become spite. He looked her square in the eye, and told her to leave him alone, that he had no feelings for her.

Those seemingly mere words were enough to cause her walls to come down crashing, to break down her defenses, and push her into a chasm of incomprehensible  pain, leaving her to fall into realms and worlds of hurt, with no pillar, or rope; nothing to hold on to, lean on.
She was all alone.

He was her first and only love; She had seen their future together. He had not seen it.
He had destroyed her by looking into her eyes.
She had to destroy him too; she had to watch him feel the pain he had put her through. She had to find a way. 

She could kill to have him. She had to kill for him. She had to quicken his mortality.

Looking now at her bloodied hands, and his lifeless body, she no longer saw the heavens in his eyes.
She saw her journey: twists and turns, lapses and relapses twirling back and forth, dancing the dance of infinity, coming and going, never again to return.

- Ms. Koya


Movie Review: Expendables 2

The big bad boys are back, with their guns nonetheless. And this time, they have a personal grudge to settle. Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, all in one movie, grrrrrrrr! Make no mistake, this movie is just as bloodthirsty as the first.

Expendables 2 is only slightly better than its prequel. This movie is exactly what one expects, excessively engaging action and good laughs. Some good one-liners but some you don't even understand.

The old action heroes engage in over played shoot outs, make lame wisecracks and say catchphrases referring to their iconic roles. Guess if a certain someone says 'I'll be back'.

The plot is weak and the effects over edited, but you'll have fun watching it anyway.

RIP Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was announced dead by his family yesterday. Neil Armstrong made a giant leap for mankind and he will be remembered forever. May his soul rest in peace.

Just thought to share...

Hey there readers! ^_^ Stumbled upon this picture of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde getting ready for a shoot...Wowww! After a husband and four kids, still smokin'.


Weekly Roundup!

Just incase you missed them, here are the topics that were on everyone's lips this week.

Premiership/ El-classico: The premiership returned for its 2012/2013 season with a bang! Everyone once again had a reason to argue on twitter (-_-) and wave opinions on their favourite premiership teams in our faces like the first set of matches determined the winner at the end of the day. Later in the week, we saw Barcelona clinch a 3-2 winner over Real Madrid (as it should be) in the first leg of their super cup clash. 

Kukere Remix: Inyanya released the remix of his hit song 'Kukere' which featured Le kokomaster D'banj. The song got mixed reviews but most people thought it was trash. :(

MNTG: Love...the raw phenomenon

Love. This four letter word. Love is a notion that I simply do not understand, I never might. That longing that drives you to madness, that makes you drive off a cliff, is it worth it? An infinite plethora of questions about this phenomenon we call "love" plague me. First and foremost, what is love? Is love God?

Love and lust are inextricably intertwined. It is almost impossible for one to tell the difference. Nowadays, lust is often mistaken for love. Can an orgasm be said to be a physical manifestation of love? Is love lust?

Love is a mindset, a materialistic concept, a genetic urge, and above all, an irrationality. There is a desire in every human to find the significant other; is this desire born of nature or nurture? One really cannot tell if love is a reality or a myth. The old couple in the park may just have gotten accustomed to each other over the years, but then again love may have been the force that held them together through the years.

Love is an enigma. One knows not what it entails, for it is shrouded in mystery. Is love limited to one person? Can we only find love once in a lifetime? Who dictates these rules? Who lays down these precepts?

I regard 'Romeo and Juliet' as a tale of youthful exuberance, dramatic tendencies and quite frankly, too much time at hand. Poison, daggers, tragic deaths, is that what you desire? Surely this "love" cannot be real, surely it is a phantom of the mind. 'Knight in shining armor', 'Happily ever after', 'The one', I spit on these cliches.We have been brainwashed by promises of a happy ending.

Perhaps love did once exist, but it has dilapidated, broken down beyond redemption. The love of today is cruel and destructive. Why yearn for that which causes you pain?

Love is a disease. To be honest, I'll rather not love or be loved.

- Eyitope (@MissAbati)

Mirror Mirror [MNTG]

Hey there readers! MNTG is hosting another guest writer -- A boy this time! ^_^
Okay, so this poem was written based on a plea to the Creator to restore the old him for just a brief farewell, if only that.

The Mirror looks at me with Disgust
The Person staring back at me isn't me
For Death took over that person at all costs
The one friend I had I threw away
Allowing the Earth's Vanity to shield me from my reality 

My actions regrettable, for karma's dolorous blow knocked me out

Anne's Diary: 25th Aug, 2012.

I’m super sorry, diary. Fell ill for over a week, so I couldn’t update you on what happened at Tito's. Guess who made me indisposed? You guessed right. That two-faced low-life blaggard Tito. I've been down in the dumps; sobbing day and night. Even Daddy had to intervene, and show his sympathy. I'm just an emotional wreck *Sigh. Things will be better; they just have to.

So what happened, yeah...I went to his house in an attempt to accomplish my mission of getting him back. So there I was, knocking his gate, hoping to see him; only for his security guard to come out and tell me that he went out and will be back soon. As a 'lover girl', I decided to wait...got tired and decided to take a leisurely walk. I was strolling around his estate (I'm quite familiar with it), and I saw Tito...with a girl walking down the street almost past me. They seemed engrossed with whatever they were discussing; holding hands, little smiles, laughs and kisses here and there.

I watched, heartbroken...if that wasn't an understatement in itself.  I quickly hid behind some bushes, tears leaking out of the corners of my eyes, as I cried there silently. I made a little sound, and they turned in unison. I fumbled around on the floor frantically, pretending to search for my earring. When I 'found it', I stood up, hurriedly dashing my hand across my face to remove the tears. 

Tito shouted 'Anne, hi! What are you doing here?' 
I walked briskly down the road, to say hi. I prepared the biggest - and  most artificial - smile I could muster. I looked straight at Tito, as my pointed gaze caused him to hang his head with probably guilt and/or shame. I also suspected that he could see past my facade, and into my pieces of a soul. I told him, in reply to his previous question "I came to get my sweater from your house; I left it here last week. His girl, Toju, or something, looked somewhat victorious, and worse still, full of pity....for me.

It was super awkward, on top of everything else.

I couldn't stay there, and around them any longer. "Well, excuse me, I best be on my way now"...like I really had anywhere else to go. I continued my miserable hurried walk down the street, my tear-blurred vision all I had for guidance. I somehow managed to remain in denial, however, till I got home. For a while, after the initial shock and sob session, I was just dry-eyed; heart shattering with tears not shed. 

Soon, however, one huge, soulful sob racked through my body, and memories came flooding in. I've been sobbing day in and out since then. I mean, here I am, broken beyond redemption. Soon, before I know it, I'll be a 58 year old spinster, with no man to call my own. Even Daddy had to show his sympathy; he had never seen me in such pain. 

 Okay I know I'm being a tad melodramatic and over-the-top, it can't be helped. I’m hurt, deeply hurt. I'd very much prefer to sleep and never wake up. Now I understand, he broke up with me to be with her and that means he probably had been cheating on me even when we were together. I suspected it at some point, but I didn't want to confront him, love-sick desperado puppy I am. Uggh, I hate him, a lot...or rather, I hate the fact that even after everything he has done to be undeserving, I still love him. Boys are monsters, they suck. I feel useless and worthless. I’m just going to stay alone for a while and drown in my sorrow. My first and only love broke my heart.

...You know what, Diary, it's pretty pointless pouring out my sob stories here. It won't do anything for me. I'm not happy, and it's difficult to pretend to be. Ergo, I have to bid you goodbye. This diary was mostly meant to be about Tito, me, and our future; but as it is, that's out of the way.



From the stables of CloudNine, Rebel Flair presents 'Obimo' By Nochiez Ft. SlimmyJ, the official debut single for Nochiez. 'Obimo' is basically a love song that talks about girls who play hard to get, something most people can relate to. It's not like any usual love song, there is a difference tagged to it. Watch out for Nochiez and SlimmyJ...Watch out for the CNine Crew, they are definitely here to stay.


Download and Share --- http://www.sharebeast.com/w5j2s30ux4kl

MNTG: Voices - Ms. Koya

They can be very little, they can be very large.
They can be gentle whispers, they can be shrill screams.
They can sound like blaring vehicle horns.
They can sound like the gentle rippling of streams.
I hear them all.
I hear them when I'm on the street.
I hear them whilst I sleep.
I hear them almost all day.
Dwelling in my head they'll keep.

In the events after he left 
It all started, not too long ago, the memory was like yesterday
I was there, all alone, without him or anyone else, there was no way.
I was there, where I started from, desolate. 
I needed him, searched for him high and low, but I was too late.
I yearned for him, though every time I tried to look, I knew I wouldn't find him.
I clawed my way out of the traps of darkness, searching for his light, his love.
But I couldn't find it.
It was just beyond my grasp... but I couldn't reach far enough.I was too caught up in the other side.

MNTG Presents "Happily Ever After?"

Hey there readers! ^_^
MNTG (Memoirs Of A Nigerian Teenage Girl) welcomes our first guest writer, Hales (@Halimaahh). Read, enjoy, and ;eave a comment!


I can only speculate as to the existence of the notion of "Happily
Ever After", as I have not yet lived my entire life, and being only 20
years of age, cannot have possibly had the opportunity to live as
such. However, I like to believe it exists. I feel that perhaps the
popular notion that it is not possible lies within the extremely high
expectations instilled in many of us as children. We are engulfed with
movie storylines and fairy tales from such a tender age. While I will
not be withholding the story of Cinderella from my hypothetical
children, I will do my best to explain to them that they are
responsible for making their own happiness.


I have never had the unrealistic expectation of a prince showing up at
my door offering me a diamond ring in the event I can squeeze my
skinny foot into a glass shoe. To be honest, I have never even desired
a Prince Charming. All I really want is someone who respects me,
supports my dreams, and mows the grass without being asked.

This begs the question, "Is it imperative that Happily Ever After
include a significant other?" Is it? Of course, mating is the natural
course of nature. Is it, then, necessary to find a companion in order
to ensure happiness?

I can't answer these questions for myself or anybody else, but I can
accept that I may never find the traditional ideal ‘one’, as my
Mother never fails to put in the forefront of my consciousness.

In which case, it is up to me, and nobody else, to ensure that
I don't live the next several decades feeling unfulfilled
and as if I have wasted my life.

I have envisioned my future in many dimensions, We all have, really.
In each instance, I am able to see myself as not only happy, but also
satisfied with my life. While I am sure many things will happen to me
beyond my own control, I plan to make the best I can of all
situations. I plan to realize that when something gets me down, it
won't last forever.

I might meet the man of my dreams and live happily
ever after with him, but I also may never meet anybody and live
happily ever after with myself and the many friends and family I am
fortunate enough to have and retain.

Your life is what you make of it, so make it
everything you can.


Rebel Flair Presents: MBOIZ

The ‘Mboiz’ is an afro hip hop group consisting of Tobi Ifabiyi (a.k.a Fabz), Tolani Fatilewa (a.k.a Yungbawz), Ayuba Bitrus (a.k.a Nakkudu) and Chibuzo Onuks (a.k.a Chibzy). They met late 2008 in high school, sharing a common passion for music. They started having cyphers and freestyle battles and soon came up with the name Mboiz in early 2010. The ‘M’ in Mboiz could stand for anything depending on the mood of the team, and this has left the fans to wonder and laugh about its Mystery.
In 2010, they began free styling to other artistes’ instrumentals, and recorded their first official single which was their own version of Ice Prince ‘Oleku’ track. They participated in the Sprite triple slam and the Peak talent show, although it wasn’t a huge success for them, they went back in the studio and recorded ‘Soji’ which exposed them to a fair amount of small shows.
At the end of 2011, they recorded their 3rd track ‘4-40’ ft. LK Kuddi, which shaped their interest in “Afro Hip-Hop”, a new single titled ‘JANGULOVA’ dropped on 22.08.2012, as they plan to drop their mix tape titled “THE M-EFFECT” in the summer of 2013.

Follow them on Twitter! - @fabs9jaa @Mistr_440 @wizchibzy @ay_mboi

The Long awaited song,arguably one of d most anticipated tracks of the summer 'Jangulova' by Mboiz |TobeeFabz,Chibzy and YungBawz| (Prod by Milla) is a 'swinging' formula for all listening :D.
As an Afro Hip hop Group based in Abuja,Mboiz are currently working on a mixtape titled 'THE M-EFFECT' which is gonna drop in the summer of 2013.Without futher ado,we present to thee JANGULOVA

Download Here And Share --- http://t.co/Zmf81Jt

NEW MUSIC: Dirty Whine (Cover)

The much anticipated jam is out! Just in from Canada's finest Teye [@Optimus_Tee] & Ledge [@Thisisledge] with Cee3 [@_Cee3] on the beat once again.'Dirty Whine' has been out before : 3D [@dexter_3D] & Ledge [@Thisisledge]. And it's here again, twice the better! It's a jam!!!

http://t.co/dN445ie -- Download Here And Share!

Prince Harry's Royal Showoff

Is that a royal butt I see before me? Prince Harry shows off his crown jewels during a fun game of strip billiards. Looks like what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Please help save Funmi.

Hey you guys. :) We've all probably seen the #savefunmi hashtag on twitter and even the display pictures and personal messages all over our bbms asking us to help save a Funmi Lawal. This post is for those who haven't helped yet or those who haven't even heard. She's a law graduate of the university of lagos. She was recently diagnosed with malignant sacorma, a kind of cancer at the shoulder region. The cancer has become so extensive that it might affect other parts of the body if surgery is not done as soon as possible. It could cost her not just her hand but her life. Visit Omojuwa's Blog for full details on how to help her. :)

NEW MUSIC: Nekwa - KidBlaize ft. BayBoy !!!

Nekwa! Nekwa!! Nekwa!!! KidBlaize is here again, putting the Blaize in our lives! ^_^ Just in from the IRGM artiste that brought to us the hit songs 'Shuga' and 'Closer To Me' ft. BridgeLOS & DHESir, is a new tune called Nekwa. Nekwa is like nothing heard before. KidBlaize (@KidBlaize) has shown that he is unique and versatile in his style of music... and can bring madness to any beat. 'Nekwa' is produced by Cee3 (@_Cee3) and features BayBoy (@Bayboy_WR), under the record label 'Wunda Records'; owned by Jeff 'Yung Jeff' Ekong (@wundab) ,which has hits 'Recovery Tale' - UrkelAce, and 'Feeling Me' - WundaBoiz ft. BridgeLOS under their belt
.... Enjoy Nekwa! Good Music.

Download Here

Repugnant - Ms. Koya [MNTG]

Repugnant you call me, repugnant you say I am.
When I approach you, you glare at me with contempt, disgust, pity almost.
Your face scrunched up with emotions running through it, like rats through broken walls of Egyptian ancient ruins.
You say I'm the spawn of beasts; I have nothing but monsters for ancestors.

But when you're dangling at the edge of a cliff, with nothing to hold on to; when you are lost; with no guidance, with no hope of redemption, who do you call?

Me: whom you've spat on, whom you've ridiculed, whom you've scarred with your horrendous words, stabbing me with you're atrocious looks.
Me: whom you've called deformed, hideous and grotesque... Now you call me, reach out to me, plead and grovel, helpless and desolate.

Well...because I am lovely, not in the conventional way that you and your kind only recognize, but on the inside; where the flame of my beauty is ignited by the lighter of love and forgiveness; I reach out to your aid to prevent your perishing.

So you see... you are the hideous one.
You, my old new friend...are repugnant.

Celebs In Ankara

Ankara is a ghen ghen! even for celebrities. Check out these hot celebs rocking dazzling Ankara styles.

                                                                        Gwen Stefani

The Ankara Trend!

The Ankara style, indigenous to Africa, is now a worldwide trend. Designers have embraced the funky prints and patterns of Ankara, and have created vibrant clothing and accessories. The beauty of Ankara is in its versatility, it can be sewn into any style. Ankara is now being worn by one and all. We Africans are proud to see our native prints being appreciated by the world.

NEW MUSIC: Mr. Carter Cover


Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Word On The Street: Napoleon Parodox Is An UnderDog Rapper With The 80's Swag...Working With Fresh Prince Who Comes To The Game With That Kind Of DaGrin's Swag Buh Wif His Different Swag And Emma Griffin With Mad Punchez And Crazy Word Play. A Killer Track. A Must-Hear...Under Lil Wayne's "Mr Carter" Beat...

Rebel Flair Brings You 'Mr. Carter Cover'- Napoleon Paradox ft. Fresh Prince & Emma Griffin.

http://t.co/7uPzDjPT -- Download Here

'Total Recall: Movie Review

I had high hopes for this flick as I really enjoyed the 1990 original on DVD.

Where did it all go wrong? Quaid (Farrell) just runs and runs and surmounts every obstacle thrown in his way.

However, the action is nothing new and viewers would have seen all the running, explosions, bullets ricocheting and close-combat fights in other flicks.

The flick does pause for a brief moment to ruminate on Quaid's desire to find out about his past, while the rebel leader tells him that the heart wants to live in the present. What new age mumbo jumbo is this?

Another problem with the flick is the casting of Farrell. In the original, Arnie looked really confused by what was happening around him and viewers would have empathized with his predicament.

Farrell, on the other hand, just seems to be going through the motion.

The movie's atmosphere is also nothing new. The teeming crowds amid the rain come from 'Blade Runner' and 'Fifth Element'. The car-chase scene comes from 'Minority Report' and 'Fifth Element'.

The idea about robot cops getting ready for an invasion comes from 'I, Robot', and the look of the robots also comes this flick.

The one good thing about this flick is Kate Beckinsale, the director's wife, who plays Quaid's wife. She's not one person viewers will want to mess with in a dark alley. She exudes arrogance and strength, and a certain amount of sexual appeal and sultriness. Go see 'Total Recall' only if you are okay with paying for a snoozefest.

Anne's Diary: August 17, 2012

What an opening post. Smh.. 

Hi there, I'm Anne. Today was an okay day...relatively uneventful, in fact. Lazed around at home. Hot boring summer day, here. Uneventful until...Tito called. I couldn't believe my ears, it felt like my life was crashing down right in front of my eyes. My eyes are still glistening with tears, I just need somewhere to vent right now. Okay the thing is, earlier today, I received a call from my boyfriend saying that we should break up. After all we’ve been through. We’ve been going out for about a year and a half now. We had plans to have 3 kids when we marry, he said we’ll be together forever...Guess things change. So anyway, he called to say simply “I think we should end this, its not working anymore” . 
"Really? Really? Just like that?" I had asked, "What did I do wrong?" He had no answer, just like i had thought. Oh God, right now, I don’t even know if I’m angry or sad .I really want to hit something or lash out at someone just to ease off the anger, misery and betrayal. Guess what I told him, Diary. I told him we can make it work saying; with love we can overcome everything but his reply shocked me. He said, “Err the love I had for you is kind of err faded”. I hung upon him and cried for a bit. At least he had the decency to call. Nowadays people breakup with bbm *sigh. I can’t stop crying because I really do love him. I have a plan; I’m going to get him back by all means. Tomorrow, I’m going to pay him a surprise visit. I’m going to go over to his house. Tito is mine.

Wish Me Luck! ^__^
Later Diary :* I’ll tell you how tomorrow goes. 

Presenting : Anne's Diary.


Welcome to Anne's Diary, readers!
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Nigerians Are Authors Too

In the world of literature, Nigerian authors are often overlooked because of their shallow words, mediocrity and an innate tendency to exaggerate. Notwithstanding,  there are quite a number of Nigerian novels that are worth reading.
Best Nigerian Reads:

Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe
Joys Of Motherhood - Buchi Echemeta
Half Of A Yellow Sun - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi's Wives - Lola Shoneyin
Yellow Yellow - Kaine Agary
The Lion And The Jewel - Wole Soyinka
Measuring Time - Helon Habila
Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again - Ola Rotimi
Sozaboy - Ken Saro Wiwa
Walking With Shadows - Jude Dibia
The Famished Road - Ben Okri
Who Fears Death - Nnedi Okorafor
Nights Of The Creaking Bed - Toni Kan
I Do Not Come To You By Chance - Adaobi Nwaubani
Everything Good Will Come - Sefi Atta

The Denim Trend

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