Why Do Girls Cheat? Case Study - #RitaOra

The entertainment world was rocked yesterday when news broke that Rita Ora had cheated on Rob Kardashian with 20 men. Said news was broken by Rob himself via his twitter account, of course the tweets were deleted after sometime but the damage had been done. The twitter world didn't waste time with their accusations, judgements and silly trends (they trended 'Rita Whora'). We still don't know if Rob's accusations are totally true but we're quite certain there has to be an element of truth in them. Flashback to a few months ago, Twilight star Kristen Stewart was in a similar position with Rita. Hers was quite worse because she didn't only cheat with a married man, but there were photo evidences of the act. This brings us to the topic of discussion here on Rebel Flair today.. Why do girls cheat? I asked around earlier today and got these answers:

Why do girls cheat?

- Revenge or payback because he also cheated.

- Boredom. (I don't get this really)

- Insecurity.

-Emotionally neglect or feeling taken
for granted.

I'm personally gonna add GREED.

I don't get it though, at this age we girls don't have to be stuck in any relationship if we don't want to be. If you feel like you're not into whatever it is you have with the person you're dating then break up with him. Why do something you know will harm someone else's feelings?

Another issue relating to the Rita Ora scandal is why a girl cheating is a much bigger issue than a boy cheating, i bet if they switched sides and it was Rita that called Rob out on cheating with 20 girls it wouldn't be that much of an issue, infact Rob might have still have played the role of the victim at the end of the day.

So what do you guys think? Why do girls really cheat? Why is a girl cheating a bigger scandal than a boy cheating?

I think when it all boils down to it, a girl with real values will end a relationship if she doesn't feel satisfied in any way and not cheat.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    girls that cheat are dumb

  1. Rebel Flair said...:

    Interesting theory.

  1. Kingsley Glorious said...:

    Lol . I think this cheating things comes about as a result of the society we live in . Nowadays everyone is more important with what that follower says than good ol family values .
    There are other ways of expressing one's self rather than cheat . If you are tired with the relationship . Leave. If you think your partner ignored you . sit him/her down and talk . If you are just horny . Lol well Bruhhh ...
    My point is . We need to change this society we live in . Till then . things like this will always be an everyday event

  1. Rebel Flair said...:

    Hmm true. Good points

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