Repugnant - Ms. Koya [MNTG]

Repugnant you call me, repugnant you say I am.
When I approach you, you glare at me with contempt, disgust, pity almost.
Your face scrunched up with emotions running through it, like rats through broken walls of Egyptian ancient ruins.
You say I'm the spawn of beasts; I have nothing but monsters for ancestors.

But when you're dangling at the edge of a cliff, with nothing to hold on to; when you are lost; with no guidance, with no hope of redemption, who do you call?

Me: whom you've spat on, whom you've ridiculed, whom you've scarred with your horrendous words, stabbing me with you're atrocious looks.
Me: whom you've called deformed, hideous and grotesque... Now you call me, reach out to me, plead and grovel, helpless and desolate.

Well...because I am lovely, not in the conventional way that you and your kind only recognize, but on the inside; where the flame of my beauty is ignited by the lighter of love and forgiveness; I reach out to your aid to prevent your perishing.

So you see... you are the hideous one.
You, my old new friend...are repugnant.


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