Weekly Roundup!

T.G.I.F Readers! ^_^
Here's news you may have missed this week:
  • 'TOYIN' video taken off YouTube, confiscated by DJ Caise, due to copyright claims.

  • MayD splits from Square Records - "May D was let go, not sacked"-P.Square.

  • MayD videos get taken off YouTube, after split by Square Records, affirming rumors if split.

  • SaveDebbie - Debbie, an advanced breast cancer victim, was reached out to by celebrities and members of the general public. 

  • Internet Fraud [Facebook Murder] : Victims of Cynthia Udoka Osokogu's murderers speak up.

  • Senate slams down CBN proposal for the N5000 note, puts it on hold.

  • LUTH catches fire?  Tragic, if true. May God watch over them.

  • The full moon 30-08-12, with a rainbow around it. Unusual..and awesome. 

  • El Clasico :  Real Madrid  takes the lead over Barcelona [2-1]

  • It was Micheal Jackson's birthday this week: 29-08-2012. RIP, Micheal!

So that's it here, readers! Have an awesome weekend and month ahead! Bless You All.


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