MNTG Presents "Happily Ever After?"

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MNTG (Memoirs Of A Nigerian Teenage Girl) welcomes our first guest writer, Hales (@Halimaahh). Read, enjoy, and ;eave a comment!


I can only speculate as to the existence of the notion of "Happily
Ever After", as I have not yet lived my entire life, and being only 20
years of age, cannot have possibly had the opportunity to live as
such. However, I like to believe it exists. I feel that perhaps the
popular notion that it is not possible lies within the extremely high
expectations instilled in many of us as children. We are engulfed with
movie storylines and fairy tales from such a tender age. While I will
not be withholding the story of Cinderella from my hypothetical
children, I will do my best to explain to them that they are
responsible for making their own happiness.


I have never had the unrealistic expectation of a prince showing up at
my door offering me a diamond ring in the event I can squeeze my
skinny foot into a glass shoe. To be honest, I have never even desired
a Prince Charming. All I really want is someone who respects me,
supports my dreams, and mows the grass without being asked.

This begs the question, "Is it imperative that Happily Ever After
include a significant other?" Is it? Of course, mating is the natural
course of nature. Is it, then, necessary to find a companion in order
to ensure happiness?

I can't answer these questions for myself or anybody else, but I can
accept that I may never find the traditional ideal ‘one’, as my
Mother never fails to put in the forefront of my consciousness.

In which case, it is up to me, and nobody else, to ensure that
I don't live the next several decades feeling unfulfilled
and as if I have wasted my life.

I have envisioned my future in many dimensions, We all have, really.
In each instance, I am able to see myself as not only happy, but also
satisfied with my life. While I am sure many things will happen to me
beyond my own control, I plan to make the best I can of all
situations. I plan to realize that when something gets me down, it
won't last forever.

I might meet the man of my dreams and live happily
ever after with him, but I also may never meet anybody and live
happily ever after with myself and the many friends and family I am
fortunate enough to have and retain.

Your life is what you make of it, so make it
everything you can.



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