Lapse - Ms. Koya [MNTG]

What she had felt for him was indescribable, incredulous, unfathomable even.
Love that surpassed what Romeo had for Juliet...what Ceasar had for Cleopatra...and even more.
She had been enamoured by him ever since they met, her stomach doing multiple back flips, her insides churning like butter.
She saw the heavens in his eyes, and the clouds at his feet.
He could do no wrong in her sight, he was perfection.

But alas, she deserved no respect in his sight. He treated her with disregard and disdain, fending off her not-so-subtle advances.

It was love at first sight for her.
It was love at no sight for him.

He didn't want to see her; she wanted to breathe him, all of him into her very soul, absorb him into the core of her existence, ingurgitate him into every fiber of her being.

She could kill to have him, lay down her very life for him. He couldn't take it anymore.

One day, he took a long lingering look at her; a look of almost pity in his eyes, freezing over to become spite. He looked her square in the eye, and told her to leave him alone, that he had no feelings for her.

Those seemingly mere words were enough to cause her walls to come down crashing, to break down her defenses, and push her into a chasm of incomprehensible  pain, leaving her to fall into realms and worlds of hurt, with no pillar, or rope; nothing to hold on to, lean on.
She was all alone.

He was her first and only love; She had seen their future together. He had not seen it.
He had destroyed her by looking into her eyes.
She had to destroy him too; she had to watch him feel the pain he had put her through. She had to find a way. 

She could kill to have him. She had to kill for him. She had to quicken his mortality.

Looking now at her bloodied hands, and his lifeless body, she no longer saw the heavens in his eyes.
She saw her journey: twists and turns, lapses and relapses twirling back and forth, dancing the dance of infinity, coming and going, never again to return.

- Ms. Koya



  1. chioma said...:

    Wow!!! Best-seller in the making. I love
    it :)

  1. Rebel Flair said...:

    Thank you so very much!

  1. tushe said...:

    Hmmmn, you seem to be yielding to the dark forces of the 'writing kingdom'. That's fabulous *evil laugh*. As for the post, it seemed kinda rushed. Beautifully written, only one typo, I feel it should have been longer though.
    "True darkness comes from that spot where the secrets are hidden - tushe" hehehe.

  1. @charlelawson_ said...:

    So what happened in the end..lol
    Nice one, I see potentials...

  1. Rebel Flair said...:

    @Tushe - Haha you slay me. Thanks for your constructive criticism, it helps.

    @Charles Lawson - She killed him. Thank you!

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