'Total Recall: Movie Review

I had high hopes for this flick as I really enjoyed the 1990 original on DVD.

Where did it all go wrong? Quaid (Farrell) just runs and runs and surmounts every obstacle thrown in his way.

However, the action is nothing new and viewers would have seen all the running, explosions, bullets ricocheting and close-combat fights in other flicks.

The flick does pause for a brief moment to ruminate on Quaid's desire to find out about his past, while the rebel leader tells him that the heart wants to live in the present. What new age mumbo jumbo is this?

Another problem with the flick is the casting of Farrell. In the original, Arnie looked really confused by what was happening around him and viewers would have empathized with his predicament.

Farrell, on the other hand, just seems to be going through the motion.

The movie's atmosphere is also nothing new. The teeming crowds amid the rain come from 'Blade Runner' and 'Fifth Element'. The car-chase scene comes from 'Minority Report' and 'Fifth Element'.

The idea about robot cops getting ready for an invasion comes from 'I, Robot', and the look of the robots also comes this flick.

The one good thing about this flick is Kate Beckinsale, the director's wife, who plays Quaid's wife. She's not one person viewers will want to mess with in a dark alley. She exudes arrogance and strength, and a certain amount of sexual appeal and sultriness. Go see 'Total Recall' only if you are okay with paying for a snoozefest.


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