Mirror Mirror [MNTG]

Hey there readers! MNTG is hosting another guest writer -- A boy this time! ^_^
Okay, so this poem was written based on a plea to the Creator to restore the old him for just a brief farewell, if only that.

The Mirror looks at me with Disgust
The Person staring back at me isn't me
For Death took over that person at all costs
The one friend I had I threw away
Allowing the Earth's Vanity to shield me from my reality 

My actions regrettable, for karma's dolorous blow knocked me out

All I have now are thorns in my life,
Can't differentiate the real from fake
My schizophrenic mind leaves a plight in my wake

I laugh now as I turn old and hairy
For even God wouldn't bear the monster called me
My Time is near and all I need is to get one more chance.
To apologise to the one who made my heart beat fast. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall...can you get me to the fairest of my all?

                         - Konyinsola Osinubi (@konYInsola_)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    "Can you get me to the fairest of my all?" (Y)

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