MNTG: Love...the raw phenomenon

Love. This four letter word. Love is a notion that I simply do not understand, I never might. That longing that drives you to madness, that makes you drive off a cliff, is it worth it? An infinite plethora of questions about this phenomenon we call "love" plague me. First and foremost, what is love? Is love God?

Love and lust are inextricably intertwined. It is almost impossible for one to tell the difference. Nowadays, lust is often mistaken for love. Can an orgasm be said to be a physical manifestation of love? Is love lust?

Love is a mindset, a materialistic concept, a genetic urge, and above all, an irrationality. There is a desire in every human to find the significant other; is this desire born of nature or nurture? One really cannot tell if love is a reality or a myth. The old couple in the park may just have gotten accustomed to each other over the years, but then again love may have been the force that held them together through the years.

Love is an enigma. One knows not what it entails, for it is shrouded in mystery. Is love limited to one person? Can we only find love once in a lifetime? Who dictates these rules? Who lays down these precepts?

I regard 'Romeo and Juliet' as a tale of youthful exuberance, dramatic tendencies and quite frankly, too much time at hand. Poison, daggers, tragic deaths, is that what you desire? Surely this "love" cannot be real, surely it is a phantom of the mind. 'Knight in shining armor', 'Happily ever after', 'The one', I spit on these cliches.We have been brainwashed by promises of a happy ending.

Perhaps love did once exist, but it has dilapidated, broken down beyond redemption. The love of today is cruel and destructive. Why yearn for that which causes you pain?

Love is a disease. To be honest, I'll rather not love or be loved.

- Eyitope (@MissAbati)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice Post . Love . What is Love . First clear your mind . Forget any cruel break up . Or the boy that didnt return your love or the Guy or scorned your love . Forget that . Now remember your parents . The old man that stays at his wife's bed that has Alzheimer's disease . I never believed Love existed . I'm the kinda guy who never believed completely in love . Till i fell in love that is . Love would make you over look every flaw . of Recent my grandmum had a disease . she kept on hallucinating and she couldnt sleep . My grand Pa stayed by her every night . Everyfucking night . Pardon my language . I went to the hospital once and i saw him sleeping on a chair next to her bed . He's 82 . That is Love
    Love Conquers All .
    Love Exist's

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Weeeeeeeeeeell, at the beginning of the post the writer did include that "Love is a notion that I simply do not understand" and I choose to take your word for it. I do agree that it is irrational; both love and lust are, really.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Who broke your heart?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Uhmmmm, i dont believe Eyitope wrote this tho . where did she copy and paste from ? Cause is really heartless and talks shii about people. hurting people's feelings. mscheew.

  1. Rebel Flair said...:

    Lol I wrote it, I just don't believe in love. And read it again, I think you got the wrong idea.

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