MNTG: Voices - Ms. Koya

They can be very little, they can be very large.
They can be gentle whispers, they can be shrill screams.
They can sound like blaring vehicle horns.
They can sound like the gentle rippling of streams.
I hear them all.
I hear them when I'm on the street.
I hear them whilst I sleep.
I hear them almost all day.
Dwelling in my head they'll keep.

In the events after he left 
It all started, not too long ago, the memory was like yesterday
I was there, all alone, without him or anyone else, there was no way.
I was there, where I started from, desolate. 
I needed him, searched for him high and low, but I was too late.
I yearned for him, though every time I tried to look, I knew I wouldn't find him.
I clawed my way out of the traps of darkness, searching for his light, his love.
But I couldn't find it.
It was just beyond my grasp... but I couldn't reach far enough.I was too caught up in the other side.

So I cowered into the corners of my bedroom, of my life.
Just as fear retreated into the corners of my heart and nestled there.
I waiting in deafening silences.
It was just too silent, too silent. 
Then the voices started, with their incessant chattering in my head, their unequivocal irregular undertones radiating through my bones like pricking aftershocks. Echoes reverberated through my spine as tears pooled in my eyes. 
I had fought the good fight.
I just couldn't win it. 


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    this is too dark! :(

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