Anne's Diary: August 17, 2012

What an opening post. Smh.. 

Hi there, I'm Anne. Today was an okay day...relatively uneventful, in fact. Lazed around at home. Hot boring summer day, here. Uneventful until...Tito called. I couldn't believe my ears, it felt like my life was crashing down right in front of my eyes. My eyes are still glistening with tears, I just need somewhere to vent right now. Okay the thing is, earlier today, I received a call from my boyfriend saying that we should break up. After all we’ve been through. We’ve been going out for about a year and a half now. We had plans to have 3 kids when we marry, he said we’ll be together forever...Guess things change. So anyway, he called to say simply “I think we should end this, its not working anymore” . 
"Really? Really? Just like that?" I had asked, "What did I do wrong?" He had no answer, just like i had thought. Oh God, right now, I don’t even know if I’m angry or sad .I really want to hit something or lash out at someone just to ease off the anger, misery and betrayal. Guess what I told him, Diary. I told him we can make it work saying; with love we can overcome everything but his reply shocked me. He said, “Err the love I had for you is kind of err faded”. I hung upon him and cried for a bit. At least he had the decency to call. Nowadays people breakup with bbm *sigh. I can’t stop crying because I really do love him. I have a plan; I’m going to get him back by all means. Tomorrow, I’m going to pay him a surprise visit. I’m going to go over to his house. Tito is mine.

Wish Me Luck! ^__^
Later Diary :* I’ll tell you how tomorrow goes. 


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