Beauty. (Video)

Here's the beautiful rendition of the Poem 'Beauty' by Nzuri.
Watch. :)


Hello Everyone. Today we have 'Beauty' - a Poem by Nzuri. Read and Enjoy.

Like fire, just like fire
Weapon of man's inhumanity to man
Mama says beauty comes in all shapes,
sizes and colors

Spite filled eyes,
They tell me there's only one type of beauty
And mine doesn't belong
Tears in my eyes I'm wondering why I can't Marilyn Monroe the pain

Scalded skin, eyes of a newborn; shy, unaccustomed to the light
I can't see the sunshine
Mama said the bomb wasn't meant for me The bomb exploded my flesh into sacrifice.

Singing in tune with the moon as it traveled over our heads
Mama rocks me back and forth singing to me 'you are beautiful'
She says beauty is the type that runs skin deep

Come on!
Get up on your relentless shoes! Learn to not be afraid
She reprimands

The bomb that came a little to early,
My infant feet that waddled a little too much
The help that came a little too late
Everybody is at the wrong place at the wrong time

Wrapping me close to her bosom
Eyes wide shut
I feel the bleaching sun burn the insides of my back
Warmth emanates from her bosom
Stilling the restless poisoned butterflies in my stomach

Pay no mind to the ashes
They are barely evidence
Of how brightly you can glow
With refulgent energy
She says

An uncontrollable desire to escape
A sickness firmly bound to freedom
Mama says true beauty is like words from a love letter

Singing in tune with the moon as it traveled over our heads
Mama rocks me back and forth singing to me 'you are beautiful'
She says beauty is the type that runs skin deep

I'm Learning to not be afraid
An uncontrollable desire to escape
The grave incident changed me
Scaring me beyond my skin

It seems like it was just yesterday
The air redolent of burning flesh
My flesh
Four surgeries and two months of rehab

A sickness firmly bound to freedom
Let the incense burn on both ends
I didn't ask to be a victim of man's cruelty to man

Can I get an escape route please?
Death maybe?
Death doesn't always taste good
It certainly isn't what I want to eat soon

Having calculated the rudiments of beauty
The world found me wanting
Teasing and taunting
Maudlin expressions of sympathy
They are oblivious to your type of beauty mama says

At first there were different clothes
Longer sleeves to hide the burn scars
I slowly realized that my family had changed too

Scars and skin grafts
My Mother looks at the monster I have become and calls me beautiful
Could the image in my perfidious mirror perhaps be different from what my mother sees?
Surely there is no beauty in my burns and scars

Dad who has retreated to himself barely looks at me
Beneath the scars
Its me Dada
Your last born daughter
I'm still here

Rusty anchors they are
Shiny gem you are Mama says
There is no space for your kind of beautiful here.

You are a staccato hymn
Sung in the midst of a world that has forgotten how to value silence

Mama says loving yourself for who God made you is by far the greatest expression of beauty.

I think my Mother is beautiful.

This poem is strongly influenced by the works of three of my favorite Poets and contains some lines and phrases characteristic of said Poets. The Poets : Joshua Bennett and King Jasmine Mans of The Strivers Row and Sunni Patterson are incredibly talented individuals that i look up to.

  - Bunmi Victoria Adegboye

The Assassin.

I work in the dead of night,
when the streets are quiet and no one is around to track my moves.
Racing the yellow lights to find the gate open,
she's waiting in the room and so I just step on through.

You get in, you get done and then you're gone.
You never leave a trace, or show your face.
Should've turned around and left before the sun came up
but then it did come up.

Enter the morning light,
burning the curtains and the wine.
Stuck in a little white room with her head heavy on me,
her heavy breathing is the prevailing sound.

You get in, you get done and then you get gone.
You never leave a trace, or show your face.
Should've turned around and left before the sun came up
but then it did come up.

Suddenly I'm in over my head and I can hardly breathe.
Suddenly I'm floating over her bed and I feel everything.
Suddenly I know exactly what I did, but I can not move a thing.
And suddenly I know exactly what I've done and what it's gonna mean.

I was a killer,the best they'd ever seen
I'd steal your heart before you ever felt a thing
I'm an assassin and I had a job to do
Little did I know the girl was an assassin too.


A Fresh Start.

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. - Brooks Atkinson

The start of another new year always carries the lure of a new beginning and fresh start, and with it, the reminder of our own power to become the people we wish to be, leading the lives we've always imagined.

Whether you're resolving to get active, become a better student, sleep more and stress less, or to start saving for college this year, the beginning of January is the perfect time to take stock of your life and start creating the changes you'd like to see in the future.

Remember, every day, not just a new year is an opportunity to begin anew.

What's your biggest resolution for the new year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Save Me, Please? [MNTG]

"Love is like skydiving, with the parachute in the hands of the beloved" – Maze.
Don’t let me fall. I will crash land. I have nothing, no-one to hold on to. 
Save me, please.

Heavenly Father, I am nothing without this man. 
He has captured my heart, intricately and carefully woven his person into the shadows of my heartstrings. I have been mesmerized with him, or rather, the idea of him. He has left me with nothing but bits and pieces of my heart I am willing to love him with, still. He is everything I need. I cannot but feel this way. I cannot not feel this way.
Save me, please.

I have taken a deep plunge, a dive into the dimension called emotion and love, I know nothing of it. It's an alternate universe. I am hopelessly, hopelessly in love with you. You need to rescue me, please, I beg of you. Hurt has been my middle name, Walls having been my only comfort and warm blanket, sheltering me from cold nights, and holding me in place for my pillow of Loneliness as my tears fall night after night and wet it, even as I clutch my stuffed animal, Desolation close. 
Save me, please.

I need to get out of this body, switch souls, suppress and murder these feelings; reminiscing does me no good… you have to help me. I feel wretched, deserted, and all I can do is feel that way. 
I am hanging on to dear life as I poise on the precipice of nothings and everythings. You cannot leave me now. 
Save me, please.

You are my carotid artery. 
Do you not feel it; do you not feel this symphony we should have strum together, created as one?
I don't want to, but I do; it is inevitable. 
You've done this, now I'm undone. 
Finished me, now I'm incomplete.
Love is alien and cacophonous to me, filled with empty promises, champagne-colored velvet torn to shreds and burnt to ashes, in every instance. I belong to the world of empty beds, tearful cheeks and forced smiles. 
Save me, please.

Sound your timbrels just as surely; play a melodious tune, serenade my sorrows; trace my palms, entwine your fingers in mine and watch the meanders become one; make my dreams come alive. 
Save me, please.

Sometimes we have to lose who we are, or are hoping to be, to be with whom we love, to be who we are meant to be.
Michael Jackson lost his childhood for a greater cause:  stardom, world applause...he achieved all that and spent the greater part of his life trying to get his childhood back.
Victor, my best friend, lost his soul trying to get to the top... it was a 'Get rich or die trying' scheme.
David, that stranger I could have known, lost his adolescence after falling in love with an older woman, trying to mature for her... and lost her trying.
I have lost my heart trying to be with you; my smoke-and-mirrors person coming to light, my shadows being pierced by light. Light of your unrequited love.
Save me, please.

I don't know what I am, what I'm not, what I'm meant to be. I thought I did when I was beside you, and I was not wrong. You need to save me. You need to. I cannot lose you, just as certainly as I cannot lose me...
Assuage my demons. Put them to rest. Give me the heavens I see in your eyes. 
Save me, please?

As I lay down my head to sleep, I pray, my soul to keep… if I die
before I wake… well, you know the rest.

-        Ms. Koya

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