Why - Ms Koya [MNTG]

You can't claim to love me and trump my dreams.
You can't claim to adore me and destroy all I am and want. 
You can't claim to be affiliated with my heart and soul and not know who I am.
You can't claim to have affection for me and want to hurt me on purpose.


You don't know me.
You're nothing like me.
You're a liar, a cheat, a heartless, inane human.
Scratch that, you're no human.
You're a monster, a beast, an entity devoid of emotion and feeling.
Leading me on to believe you were light, love and all I ever needed, then shattering my heart, breaking it into little shards, bits and pieces, obliterating me beyond redemption.
Hurting and hurting me, snuffing the life out of me.
You kill my joy; ever content to cast me into hell and watch me die over and over again, wallowing in little whirlpools of oblivion.
You don't requit my love and adoration and worship.
You've turned your back, with no regrets.



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