She - Ms Koya

[This one is dedicated to a good friend of mine]

She loves me, she loves me not.
Night and day, she blows cold and hot.
She was a leprechaun, a chameleon
As fleeting as a skewed dandelion.
She hurt me, pushed me to the edge
She left me on the precipice, hanging over the ledge
Love and emotions strengthening my hold.
As I watched her leave me in the cold.
She was my archenemy, yet my other half.
She cackled as we struggled, a piercing laugh.
I was hurt like never before, I didn't understand.
I tried to find her, tried to grab her hand.
But she turned away, with no words to be said
As all hell was set loose and running in my head.
She didn't know it, but she killed me all over again
With no ammunition needed, just her ambiance, wielding pain.
As I masked my hurt by being plain,
She watched me turn away where I had lain.
With my perception gradually slipping away, 
I realised she wasn't mine, come what may.


  1. Damotino said...:

    Wow!!! 9c one.... Poor dude

  1. obinna said...:

    Hmmmm.....nyc one there:)

  1. Chidera said...:

    Temi...this is beautiful and so touchy, keep it up. Loving it...really heart felt.

  1. Rebel Flair said...:

    Thank you so much Chidera!!! :')

  1. tushe said...:

    My heart torn, I lay awake
    My spirit crushed, I clutch at the sheets
    Reminiscing, the good times, when we held one-another
    The firmness of our grasp all gone
    Blown away with the wind.
    My memoirs all but remnants of a fleetingly forgotten storm.
    Nice piece.

  1. Rebel Flair said...:

    Oh my, Tushe! Thank you, so very much. Bless you. Nice bit there, too.

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