Save Me - Temitayo

Hi there readers. :) We welcome a new guest writer, Temitayo. Read and enjoy.

I don't want to be scared of feeling these feelings again
I long to embrace them with no restrain
But the baggage from my past pose as obstacles
All my fears, steady doing the tackle

'Cause them ones promised one thing but delivered another
They were supposed to be there but turned away without a bother.
Seems like happiness is an endless struggle for me
I just want you to disappear and let me be

Moments with you, are brief but feel like heaven
Times when you gaze at me and I blossom
Times when white hot anger and hatred are all I can feel for you
How I dread going down this all too familiar road

I get glimpses of what you truly feel for me
But this paranoia is like a blindfold
Shutting out your love, only letting in my doubts
I'm bound by these ropes of insecurity and disappointment

Save me from my past
Faces in my mirror jeering at me
Constantly reminding me of what my heart has been through
The kind of hurt and let down it has managed to pull through
I'm just waiting on you to confirm my deepest fears
But what I truly need is for you to take off this blindfold and dry these tears

Tired of having to pick up pieces of my heart on my own
Its hanging by a thread and won't act on these things it feels for you
So don't allow me push all your affection away
This time let's put it back together and heal it with your love

Prove to me they're not all cowards
I'm too young to be feeling this much pain
Make me believe again
Save me.

- Temitayo


  1. Chi said...:

    nicely done

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