The Key - Ms. Koya [MNTG]

Throwback poem of mine ^_^

I look out through the window pane
Peeping out through the curtains
Thoughts scared and running wild
Little melodramatic pictures floating through my mind.
I'm scared of what the future holds
When we, we but mere mortals assume supremacy
Supremacy even amongst ourselves invoking no diplomacy
We consider the good things bad, or sad.
A concoction of prolonged boredom and weirdness ?


Rebellion is bravado in its own right.
You, being the Herculean demi-god, radiating light
Everyone going one way and you going another
With you not bothering to look back, or take a breather.
The defiance sending odd little shocks and cold shivers down their spines.
Their ears tingling as they hear of your stance and perceive your adamance.

So rise up! They cannot restrain you, or keep you down.
Chin up! Don't be disheartened, despondent, or even wear a frown.
Uneasy, they say is the head that bears the crown.

The greats do not follow but lead
You cannot reap without sowing a seed.
When life gives you lemons, make an extra buck.
It is not about serendipity, or even luck.

Normality is far from greatness
Life challenges you but won't help you pass the test.
Your achievement in life is limitless, take it from me.
There are many doors, but difference is the key.

- Ms. Koya



  1. Adeyemo Yokky said...:

    Nice write-up there. Keep it up.

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