Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumours!

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Probably not, but a double shot of rumors hit the web this week during the couple's trip to Asia. What went down exactly?

Well, first off, there was the Duchess' choice of beverage in Singapore. Her choice of non-alcoholic beverage to be more specific. OMG!

Reports that an heir may be on the way were ignited as Kate Middleton waved off a glass of wine at a state banquet dinner, opting instead for water. Granted, so did Prince William for reasons unknown.
There are many reasons one could turn down a glass of wine, of course, but William also fueled the pregnancy rumors by actually discussing his future family.

The trip brought the royal couple to the Rainbow Centre, where they met young students, William was asked how many kids he would like to have.

He didn't hesitate before offering up his response, "Two."

We hope to hear the pitter-patter of little feet in Buckingham Palace...or at least hear about it. ^_^


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