The Girl Who Cried Wolf

She has become a stranger
She's a shadow of herself
All I can do is wonder
Could this be her true self

She craves pathetically for attention
Look at me, look at me
She seems to scream
Her desperation leaves a lingering smell

She says she is ravaged by demons inside
I sigh and say your drama is overplayed
She claims she is tired of the world
I retort the world is tired of you

The white man's sickness is a fad to her
'I am bipolar', she happily sings
She knows not what I suffer through
No one knows nor understands my pain

She says she wants to die
That she'll swallow five sleeping pills
I shake my head, that is not enough
Ten for the hospital, twenty for the morgue

But alas she still breathes
Another false alarm
Her empty threats bore me
Pull the trigger so I know it's real.

She shows me a lone scar on her arm
She says 'I've started to self harm'
I smile and consider showing her my scars
The beautiful works of art that mar my ebony skin

Control yourself, I scream at her
We all have our personal woes
Just tilt your head and smile
Make the world think that everything is alright

Look at me, I want to say
My dimpled smile, my gleeful laugh
Hide the madness that lays inside
But my words fail me

Your ramblings draw no sympathy
Their concern is as fake as your disorder
Stop feeding yourself with lies
What you think, you will soon come to believe

Perhaps I am cold
But I know I'm right
The truly disturbed
Do not announce their plight

A few words 'you'll be fine dear'
And she's pacified
Whereas I need colored pills to get through the day
To dull the ache that threatens to never end

Imposter, pretender, shammer
She has become everything I despise
Each cry for help is a plea for attention
She is the girl who cried wolf.



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    Wow deep

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    i like it

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