Hashtag : #CelebOlympicCompetitions

The Olympics is definately the most talked about event at the moment. Earlier today TMZ (@TMZ) tweeted   "If they had them, we wonder what they'd be, any ideas? We'll start you off - Velvet Rope Hurdles #CelebOlympicCompetitions" LOL.

Here are some of the funny #CelebOlympicCompetitions people came up with;

- the high jump. #CelebOlympicCompetitions .. key word 'high'

- Fake breast stroke #CelebOlympicCompetitions LOL

- Out run a #Belieber to get @justinbieber relay #CelebOlympicCompetitions @TMZ

- Face Lifting  #CelebOlympicCompetitions 

- Kanye Mic Snatching relay  #CelebOlympicCompetitions 

- The 100yrd rehab dash  #CelebOlympicCompetitions 

While most of Twitter was loving the hashtag, some didnt like it. There was the ''Why must we drag useless celebs into everything? Let the athlete's have the shine they can only get every 4 years" tweet.


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