X-Factor USA Review

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The Judges 

Yes! The fall TV season has started, and Simon Cowell’s highly anticipated ‘X-Factor’ (USA) has returned to our TV screens bigger and better... well, just bigger.

Simon Cowell

The British media mogul and talent show judge successfully launched the originally UK based show in America last year, but the ratings did not live up to his (quite ridiculous) expectations.
So this year, he got rid of the old (yes you- PAULA ABDUL!) and landed two new big and current names to the panel: Demi Lovato, and the legendary Britney spears.
Demi Lovato & Britney Spears

 These two have a lot in common…Now I know what you might be thinking…..self-harm, crazy outbursts, rehab (not to forget Britney’s head shaving) but no, that’s not it. They are both ex-Disney girls who have successfully evolved into adult pop-princesses (Yes demi is an adult! :p)

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato (who is currently at No 1 on the billboard charts with ‘Give your Heart a Break’) seemed to steal the spotlight. To be honest, the constant bickering between her and Simon was more entertaining than Brit’s weird cringes and her shallow-seeming one liners. But not to hate on Britney, I was impressed by her technique as a judge.

L.A (Reid)

Not forgetting L.A (Reid), he was straight to the point and sleek as always, but we would much rather listen to Simon’s hilarious comparison of a hopeful with Dracula?!

Simon thought the addition of more star power will boost ratings- and sadly after Wednesday and Thursday’s premiere, it did not! (It even lost out to rival show-NBC’s ‘The Voice’). However, TV experts are predicting that the ratings would pick up as the season progresses.
On the other hand, after watching the premiere on Fox…I would say it was worth the buzz. Demi and Britney have received good reviews by TV critics for their roles as judges.

       This second season is looking very promising and entertaining; all thanks to the drama backstage, and the addition of young Hollywood (did I mention Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber will be joining the show at judges’ houses?!)
The X-factor will continue to air this season on Fox in America, and on other networks around the world. Will you be tuning in?


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