Twitter Banter

It's been a mixture of laughs and angst lately. Dark shadows are being cast over Twitter. There's been a whole lot of Twitter banter. Somehow, the point of social networking is slowly giving way to an immoral circus. This week, there's been one topic or the other; sometimes even more...in addition to those lists. Uggh THOSE LISTS ARE THE WORST!

We're all leaving for school soon, almost thankfully. It's been a too eventful summer, what with boys leaking nude photos of girls, girls bitching about each other [pardon our French], and the likes. Ha, there was even the period of memo pad munches -- Mama Supo Supo and the rest. Almost every day has been one or more story/stories, with humorous and/or abusive comments and perspectives. Even international and inter-university Tweetfights have had their own share of drama, too; party pictures leaking... And then the lists.

Lotta jokes are made out of these 'twepisodes', but images are destroyed too. Why, a girl reportedly almost killed herself, when her nudes were leaked by her ex-boyfriend.

Earlier this week, a guy named 'Mustapha' was called out for being a notorious 'p setter', known for direct messaging sexually and/or suggestively with girls way younger than he is, him being 25 years old. Mixed comments were thrown into timelines. That died down.

There was also the case of 'ayotrey'; a homosexual rather easy on the eyes. He always gets attention on Twitter from Nigerians. He came back to 'stroke' us, and then someone else said we looked like disabled cockroaches or something. *Sigh. We kept attacking, or at least most of us did, trying to salvage our country's reputation? I don't know. That died down.

Day-before-yesterday morning, a woman (@Tiara_Xtar) made us believe [we don't want to say for sure that a human is actually capable of such inhumane acts] that she aborted her babies and took pictures of them, claiming that she was Beyonce's look alike, that she had been having babies since she was 12, and her daughter had better do the same. She revelled in the attention people gave her.
That died down.

Day before yesterday, a twitter account (@ICriticise) tweeted at renowned singer, Wizkid (@wizkidayo) that a member of an upcoming music group DRB i.e. FreshL(@FreshLDRB) said that another member of DRB, Boj (@BolajiDRB) could sing better than Wizkid. War began. Some were of the opinion that FreshL had the right to speak his mind and state his opinion without being attacked. Others were of the opinion that FreshL had no right to compare, because they were/are upcoming. Others said Boj should just leave, for public image reasons. That hasn't died down, as people don't seem to fancy FreshL.

There was also the #beyoncesparty on Sept 4th - Beyonce's Birthday. It was a fun trending topic, under which people made harmless jokes. A rarity nowadays. DonJazzy, business mogul, MAVIN Records owner and producer seemed to enjoy himself immensely tweeting about it.

Yesterday night, another list came out -__________- The last link below. Some CU guy's list of girls he has 'done it with'. Pathetic, really. Opinions flew back and worth, as usual.



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