The Michael Jackson Kids' Troubles

The Michael Jackson Kids : Prince, Paris & Blanket [Prince Michael II] have a lot to worry about. For starters, the monetary problems. Their father was the King of Pop, but Michael Jackson’s three kids remain paupers on paper. The planned trust fund for them remains empty three years after Jackson’s tragic demise despite almost $600 million generated posthumously from Jackson’s music, legendary likeness and salvaged assets.
\Michael’s children may be broke on paper, but they enjoy a lavish lifestyle in a gated mansion with private schooling, round-the-clock security and vacations — all at a cost of more than $70,000 a month.
In the long term, Prince, 15; Blanket, 10, and Paris will end up multimillionaires thanks to their dad’s enduring popularity, his purchase of a 50% stake in the Sony/ATV music catalogue that owns much of the Beatles’ iconic music and shrewd business deals by his estate.

Since Michael’s death, the executors have turned his legacy into a moneymaking machine with lucrative music, theatrical and merchandising deals. On Michael’s orders, Prince, Paris and Blanket will each have to wait until they’re 21 to touch their riches — but by then they will land whopping regular handouts. They get lump sums at ages 30, 35 and 40, the trust states. Blanket could walk off with $250 million when he reaches the big 4-0. In the meantime, the kids appear to be thriving.

The Jackson kids seem to also have trust issues. They don't trust their family members, with their upkeep and     management of their father's empire and money. Hence, they have decided to cut them all of, except their grandmother Katherine Jackson, and their cousin 'TJ' - Trevor Jnr. 


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