Time Might Tell

Rebel Flair welcomes Konyinsola, as a guest writer. Read and Enjoy!

My Failures, a never ending pit
I wallow in, for lack of a haven.
I wonder if it's a catalyst
Or it's the devil playing Kevin hart with me.

Serendipity skipped my mail box.
Perhaps I shouldn't have coloured my threshold with a lamb's blood.

Now, I shut every door at every corner,
Dreading the too-familiar 'what if' questions.
and the same scenario plays out in my head over and over again.

I am restrained, I am stagnant.

I look at my mates prospering, soaring higher than I am.
Even the ones that had no hope at all,
And I wonder where the hell I went wrong.

But maybe, even a pessimist turns into an optimist over time.
Time might tell.

I miss you. I hate you. You made me this way.

We loved each other for about half a year
Inseparable everyday of every week
I recall our first kiss, like oil into gears
Inseparable every day of every week
Always on my mind, like a bad headache
This was love at its peak

When she smiled, even the earth made a mild quake
Inseparable every day of every week
But as they say, nothing good lasts forever
More questions than answers i seek, many questions left unanswered
Loss of my heart, that's the worst ever

We've become separable everyday of every week

Now I'm stuck here reminiscing, broken, bitter and angry, on how dumb I was
Angry that this female made me weak
Angry that her smile gave me a buzz
Now I sit here, writing this on my own.

Hoping that one day, time might tell a beautiful story with me in it.

- Konyinsola


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