Chris Brown And Rihanna At It Again?

Most, if not all of us know the Rihanna/Chris Brown story. They dated, were/seemed to be in love, fell out, he assaulted her physically. There was a publicity storm, lawsuit and restraining order...and as time went by, they saw other people. However, an exclusive Oprah interview last month was the table turner which had Rihanna in Barbados, her hometown, tearfully confessing her undying love for Chris. Seems like Chris has felt the same way for a while; if the aftermath of the interview is anything to go by.

Although his reps deny it, no doubt new neck tattoo looks like Riri after he battered her.

....And then comes the kiss. At the VMAs. Not in the corner of a crowded nightclub where they'll be unnoticed. Friendly greeting between two friends (on the lips?), you might argue. We think not.

Looks pretty cozy 
....The only person we're sorry for is Chris Brown's current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran because she has to go through this alone, watching her man slip away to the 'love of his life' on the pages of newspapers and magazines.

All the same, we wish them the very best!


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