Being Forced - Hales

Hey there readers. Rebel Flair welcomes Hales, a guest writer. Read and enjoy.

You hardly even knew me,
So why'd you have to show me?
Why'd you throw me down,
And not allow me make a sound?
Is that why you stayed after?
To cause this whole disaster?
I was just a teen,
Did you feel good about yourself?

Seeing me cry,
Yearning for death?
Saw you smile while I wept,
You made sure I had no place to go.
Pinned me up against the wall,
Like I was a lifeless doll.
You forced me down on my knees,
Making me do whatever you pleased.
Left me crying on the floor,
As you, laughing, shut the door.
I've never been the same since
You took my innocence.



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